Advanced Survival Techniques

Advanced Survival Techniques is designed to help end-time leaders and believers in dealing with the crucial matters of life and ministry. These are crucial times, and SMTI builds severe leaders and the strongest of believers. This course will enlarge you, enhance you, and make you a fierce soldier of the cross. It is all about the hidden secrets and principles of spiritual warfare and the spirit realm. We all must become experts at overcoming demons and having dominion on the earth. We are to master life! We define the weapons of our warfare and how to use them, what truly is the armor of God and how to put it on every day, and how to conquer life and help others do the same. This is a life-changer, for sure.

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Here’s a full listing of all the sessions included in this year of SMTI.


Tweaking Your Discerner
Protection from Seducing Voices Warring Mental Warfare and Satan’s Strongholds
The Soulful Church
The Venom of the Enemy’s Sword
Despisers of Revival – Satan’s Oldest Tricks
A Warning About Fables

A Famine of the Word
Seducing Spirits
Familiar Spirits
False Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers
Spots, Wrinkles, Blemishes
The Sin of Familiarity
Eight Hindrances to Serving God


The Remnant Church #1
The Remnant Church #2
The Remnant Church #3
Church Services of the Last Days
The Excuses of the Last Days
Lot Vs. the Spirit of the World
A Divine Separation
Being Aware of Seduction and Deception What About Your Friends?
The Sin of Lawlessness
Staying out of Sin
Divorcing the Spirit of the World
Steps to Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Dealing With Persecution

Dealing With Religious Opposition
Truths to Stay Anointed
Divorcing Mammon
The Hidden Power of Steadfastness
Noah-Preacher of Righteousness
How to Deal With Pressure
Handling Stress, Pressure, and Trouble
Perfecting Holiness
What to Do Til He Comes
Making and Keeping Your Profession
Self-Discipline and Family Management
Dealing With Affections, Cares, and Worries
Dealing With Pleasures, Enjoyments, and Posessions

What to Do When...

What to Do When Your Marriage Is Under Siege
What to Do When Your Children Are in Trouble
What to Do When Debt ls Gobbling You Up
What to Do When You’ve Really Blown It
What to Do When You Battle Old Habits 

What to Do When You’ve Been Victimized
What to Do When Things Try to Draw You Away
What to Do When You Get Your Feelings Hurt
What to Do When the Newness Is Gone What to Do When You Want to Quit


Faith Has Backbone
On Fire for God
Eight Things to Do to Totally Whip the Devil
Don’t Let the Devil Steal Your Ministry
Enduring Hardness
Charging Your Battery
Supernatural Weapons
Staying on Course
The Power of Positive Resistance
You Can Beat Temptation
A Day to Be Stable
The Overcomer

Integrity-A Holy Man’s Secret
Loyalty to Christ
The Reason for Grace
Spiritual Weapons
Killing the Goliath of Discouragement
Finding Freedom From Condemnation
Finding Freedom From Bitterness and Unforgiveness Finding Freedom From Anxiety
Finding Freedom From Defeat
Finding Freedom From Fear
Finding Freedom From Bashfulness


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Gifts of God and Why We Need Them
Understanding the Anointing and Working With the Anointed One
Six Ways to Check Your Leadings
Warring According to Prophecies


Simple Facts About Worship
Worship Techniques That Are Scriptural
How to Grow an Orchestra

When Jesus came, the Bible says He was full of grace and truth. The grace met people where they were, and the truth freed them. Every time you watch a class, grace meets you, and there’s a truth that will free you to be what God has called you to be.

Carolyn Matheson

SMTI Graduate, Living Word Church

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