Supernatural Helps

Supernatural Helps is designed to build character, help define and perfect the call in an individual’s life, and develop supportive ministries in the local church. Many areas of ministry are defined, and for many their call in God is confirmed. This is an eye-opening course. You will learn much about how the Kingdom operates—not only how it functions but also what happens in the “back room.” Every believer everywhere is called and gifted by God. You must find out what your call is and serve Him with that call the rest of your life. This course will definitely bring you face-to-face with your specific gifts and calling in Christ.
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Here’s a full listing of all the sessions included in this year of SMTI.

Personal Management

Effective Techniques to Salvation
Making Disciples
Water Baptism

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Developing a Personal Prayer Life
Intercession and Different Prayers
The Fasted Life

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Laying on of Hands
Proper Biblical Repentance
The Sin of Familiarity

Supernatural Helps

Personal Management
Managing Your Time
Managing Your Money
Faithfulness—Demanded by God
Faithfulness—A Rare Quality
Staying Fresh and Full of God’s Zeal
The Supernatural Helps Ministry
The Spirit of Teamwork
Bible Ways to Perfect Your Ministry

Excellence in Ministry
The Fivefold Ministry #1
The Captain’s Mantle
The Role of the Pastor
Armorbearers—God’s Helpers
Armorbearers, Servants, Helps
The Heart of an Armorbearer
The Eldership Ministry
The Eldership Ministry and You

The Deacon’s Ministry
The Deacon’s Ministry and You
Ministering to Infants, Children, and Youth
Supportive Ministries
Diplomatic Courtesies
Anointed Public Speaking
Secretarial Excellence
Managing People Biblically
Handling Hard Situations

The Local Church

The Local Church
What Makes a Great Church/Statement of Faith
The Antioch Church
The Vision of the Local Church
Project Your Vision
The Remnant Church #1
The Remnant Church #2

The Remnant Church #3
Church Government #1
Delegating Authority
How to Behave in the House of the Lord
How to Properly Relate to Your Pastor
Rebuke: God Keeping You in His Perfect Will
The Element of Change

Christian Ethics
How to Recognize Kingdom Opportunities
Reasons for Church Attendance
Jesus Received Offerings
Tithing Principles #1
Tithing Principles #2

What to Do When...

What to Do When You Disagree With Church Leadership
What to Do When Misunderstanding Comes Your Way
What to Do When You Face Dissension
What to Do When You Oppose Yourself
What to Do When You Get Your Feelings Hurt
What to Do When You Think the Wrong Thoughts

What to Do When Wrong Words Come out of Your Mouth
What to Do When Strife Comes Your Way
What to Do When the Momentum Stops
What to Do When I’ve Been Prayed For
Those Who Leave

Character Builders

The Making of a Man of God
The Building of a Man of God’s Character
Men of God

How to Build Men Around You
Ministers of the Word
Killing the Goliath of Discouragement

Eight Hindrances to Serving God
A Day to Be Stable
Twelve Apostles of the Lamb


Developing a Love for Missions
Ethics on the Field
Hosting an International Minister

Worship Seminar

Simple Facts About Worship
Worship Techniques That Are Scriptural
How to Grow an Orchestra

When Jesus came, the Bible says He was full of grace and truth. The grace met people where they were, and the truth freed them. Every time you watch a class, grace meets you, and there’s a truth that will free you to be what God has called you to be.

Carolyn Matheson

SMTI Graduate, Living Word Church

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