Host SMTI at Your Church

SMTI has proven to effectively revolutionize churches and personal ministries. Be counted among the great SMTI schools hosted by pastors and churches around the world!

Fortifying Churches

Our objective is to fortify churches and to aid pastors who desire a strong ministry of helps and excellence in the performance of their working staff.

High Quality Training

Our emphasis is to provide high-quality training in a condensed format so that students can live at home, keep their job, and stay in their local church.

Affordable Bible Education

SMTI makes a college-level standard of Bible education affordable and easily accessible to the multitude of believers who are seriously pursuing excellence in ministry.

Before You Apply

You’ll need to have a few things in order before applying to host SMTI at your church. Please refer to the following list before heading to the application.

  1. Needs to be completed by host church pastor or authorized representative.
  2. Church address(es) for mailing and shipping.
  3. Dean’s contact info.
  4. School year beginning/ending dates (plan on 31 weeks in the classroom). We recommend September through May to coincide with most local school schedules. Make sure you factor in holidays and any special events happening at your church when classes would need to be canceled.
  5. Planned time and day for weekly classes.
  6. If you’ve not hosted SMTI in the last 5 years, you’ll also need the Pastor’s education info, ordination info, contact info, and photo (if this is your first time hosting SMTI).

Once you have the above information ready, go ahead and complete the Host Church Application. You can then expect to be contacted by our SMTI director with instructions on how to move forward.