Ministerial Practicalities

Ministerial Practicalities will provide practical training about the local church, administration, legalities, ceremonies, sacraments, executive ethics, and wisdom to perform with excellence in the ministry. Every church worker and minister of the gospel needs this course. Many graduates have said they learned many things in this course that they never learned in other Bible schools. We are to be the best we can be and serve Christ with a spirit of excellence. Ministerial Practicalities will give you the tools. You will be fully equipped to do weddings, funerals, baptisms, visitations, and every ministerial assignment.

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Here’s a full listing of all the sessions included in this year of SMTI.

Ministerial Development

The Call to Preach
Leaning on Your Strengths
Integrity-A Holy Man’s Secret
Your Faithfulness Will Bring You Through
Personal Discipline
Ministers of the Word
Cutting Edge for Ministers

Ministerial Humility
Truths to Stay Anointed
You Only Have One Reputation
How to Avoid Shipwreck
Tweaking Your Discerner
Killing the Goliath of Discouragement

The Minister’s Private Life-Dealing With Stress
Long Life for a Minister
Learning How to Rest
Dealing With Symptoms
Six Ways to Check Your Leadings
What to Do When Strife Comes Your Way


Ministry = Work
7 Bible Ways to Perfect Your Ministry
7 Steps to Accomplish Your Goals

The Necessity of Pruning
The Element of Change
Using What You’ve Got

Managing Your Time
Fifteen Top Time Wasters
Managing Staff and Office Personnel


Church Government #1
Church Government #2
Kingdom Authority
Delegating Authority

The Remnant Church #3
Church Government #1
Delegating Authority
How to Behave in the House of the Lord

How to Properly Relate to Your Pastor
Rebuke: God Keeping You in His Perfect Will
The Element of Change


What Makes a Great Church/ Statement of Faith
The Remnant Church #1
The Remnant Church #2
The Remnant Church #3
Defining the Ministry of Helps
Handling Hard Situations
Handling Troubled People
Reasons Why Some People Leave the Local Church

Jesus Received Offerings
Tithing Principles #1
Tithing Principles #2
Receiving Offerings
Church Building Programs and Pledges
Seven Bible Ways to Properly Relate to Your Pastor
Bible Ways to Relate to God’s People
Sheep – Goats – Wolves


What to Do When Your Marriage is Under Siege
Strong Marriage in Ministry
Fighting for Your Family
Six Guidelines to a Joyful Marriage


Excellence in Ministry
Confrontation, Honesty, and Integrity
Ministerial Protocol
Taking Care of Guest Ministries
What Can a Church Expect From a Guest Speaker?
What Can a Guest Speaker Expect From a Church?


Cardinal Doctrines of the New Testament Church
The Anointing Oil
The Laying on of Hands
Water Baptismal Services
Practice – Water Baptisms

Officiating Weddings
Preparing Yourself for Wedding Day
Funeral Ethics
Ministering to the Bereaved
Visit to Funeral Home


Visitation to the Flock
Home Visitation
Hospital Visitation
Convalescent Home Visitation
Jail Visitation
Visitation to Mental Wards and Institutions


Simple Facts About Worship
Worship Techniques That Are Scriptural
How to Grow an Orchestra

When Jesus came, the Bible says He was full of grace and truth. The grace met people where they were, and the truth freed them. Every time you watch a class, grace meets you, and there’s a truth that will free you to be what God has called you to be.

Carolyn Matheson

SMTI Graduate, Living Word Church

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