Congratulations, {Name (First):1.3}!

Your application to SMTI–{Application for::2} has successfully been submitted!

Here’s what happens next.

  1. You will receive an email confirmation immediately. If you have not received your email confirmation within 30 minutes, and have double-checked your spam folder, please contact our office at 989-832-7547.
  2. Your pastor, {Pastor\’s Name (First):60.3} {Pastor\’s Name (Last):60.6}, will receive an email with a link to complete a pastoral recommendation for you. If they did not receive it, please let us know by email at


Here’s what to expect if you applied to attend SMTI at your local church:

    1. We will review your application for acceptance.
    2. Your dean will notify you if any additional information is needed or if there is an issue with your application.
    3. On your school’s start date (communicated by your local dean), you’ll kick off this year of SMTI training!

Here’s what to expect if you applied to attend SMTI Online:

    1. We will review your application and inform you of its status or if any additional information is needed.
    2. Two weeks before the course start date, expect to receive an approval email from SMTI Online with instructions on how to complete the enrollment and set up payment(s) for the course. (Make sure to save to your contacts.)
    3. On the course start date, you may begin your SMTI training!

You’ve made an exceptional decision to attend SMTI. Get ready for a life-adjusting upgrade in your walk with Christ this year at Supernatural Ministries Training Institute!