2022 Fall – Advanced Survival Techniques

Estimated Time: 90 hours

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Course Information

Advanced Survival Techniques is designed to help end-time leaders and believers in dealing with the crucial matters of life and ministry. These are crucial times, and SMTI builds severe leaders and the strongest of believers. This course will enlarge you, enhance you, and make you a fierce soldier of the cross. It is all about the hidden secrets and principles of spiritual warfare and the spirit realm. We all must become experts at overcoming demons and having dominion on the earth. We are to master life! We define the weapons of our warfare and how to use them, what truly is the armor of God and how to put it on every day, and how to conquer life and help others do the same. This is a life-changer, for sure.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Mark T. Barclay Dr. Mark T. Barclay Author

Welcome to SMTI

Enemies of the Last Days 1

Enemies of the Last Days 2

Last Days’ Survival 1

Last Days’ Survival 2

Last Days’ Survival 3

What to Do When

Conquering Spirit 1

Worship Seminar

Conquering Spirit 2

Conquering Spirit 3

Walking With the Holy Spirit

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