Ministerial Practicalities

Estimated Time: 90 hours

Course Information

Ministerial Practicalities provides practical training on the local church, administration, legalities, ceremonies, executive ethics, and wisdom to perform with excellence in the ministry. This course contains more than 80 class titles, including:

  • Personal Discipline
  • How to Avoid Shipwreck
  • Excellence in Ministry
  • The Role of the Pastor
  • Sheep–Goats–Wolves
  • Fighting for Your Family
  • Simple Facts About Worship

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  • Enrollment in this course closed on 03/21/2022.

Course Instructor

Dr. Mark T. Barclay Dr. Mark T. Barclay Author

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Ministerial Development 1

Ministerial Development 2

Ministerial Administration

Ministerial Governments 1

Ministerial Governments 2

Church Wisdom 1

Church Wisdom 2

Marriage, Family, & Ministry

Ministerial Ethics 1

Worship Seminar

Ministerial Ethics 2



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