Supernatural Ministries Training Institute

“Building Believers for Ministry”

“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”
2 Timothy 2:2

Welcome to SMTI Online. We are excited that you have chosen this course, and we believe that it will enlighten, train, and equip you for the work of the ministry and in fulfilling the call that God has placed upon your life.

Each course is divided into several sections. Once all requirements have been fulfilled, you will receive a diploma and a final grade report. An online student has one year from their sign-up date to complete the course. SMTI Online can be taken at any time throughout the year.

To successfully complete this course in a timely manner, a student should strive to complete 10-15 sessions per month (or three sessions per week). This would allow more than enough time to finish the course in the allotted one-year period.

Following are guidelines and requirements to help you successfully complete the course. Please review them carefully. If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact the SMTI office at (989) 832-7547.



You can view the teaching schedule at any time by going to the main page of your course (start here:, and then click your course).


a. When you access each lesson, you will see that a teaching outline is included in PDF format that corresponds with that lesson. Please download that PDF file and save it on your computer in a place where you can keep all your SMTI outlines and documents together.
b. The outline will highlight the main points that Dr. Barclay will cover.
c. Periodically, outlines will be included that do not have a corresponding video lesson. These are included for the student’s personal study. Typed notes are not required for them.

3. STUDENT NOTES (300 points)

A student is required to take notes and type them for each teaching. (The student can have someone else do the typing.) Each Notebook Check is worth 75 points for completed notes.


a. There are six homework assignments for each course. Each assignment must be submitted using the provided form.
b. Each homework assignment is worth 25 points. If the homework assignment(s) is not submitted, academic points will not be given.

5. BOOK REPORTS (40 points)

a. There are two books authored by Dr. Barclay that are required reading for each course. These books can be purchased through our online bookstore if needed. The links to those books will be included in the individual course instructions. (A book does not need to be purchased if you already own one.)
b. The book report must be submitted using the provided form. Book reports are worth 20 points each. If the book report is not included, academic points will not be given.

6. PASTORAL REVIEW (100 points)

It is important that each student’s pastor be involved while a student is taking SMTI and that the SMTI leadership stays in communication with the pastor. The pastoral review (two per course) accomplishes this and is, therefore, an important document that must be processed in a timely manner.

a. A student is required to provide the proper email address for their pastor so that the review form link can be emailed to them.
b. The SMTI office must receive the pastoral review within 30 days to obtain the 25 points. (It is the student’s responsibility to communicate this to the pastor and to follow up to ensure that it was sent to the SMTI office.) If the pastoral review is not received during this time frame, academic points will not be given.
c. A student may not continue with the course until the pastoral review has been received.
d. Academic points are not based on content but on whether the form was returned to the SMTI office in the timeframe required.
e. Each pastoral review is worth 50 points.
f. Pastoral reviews are confidential and are kept on permanent file at the Midland SMTI office.

7. EXTRA CREDIT (20 points)

Extra credit is an avenue that enables a student to obtain extra academic points. Extra credit can be obtained by reading the designated book, authored by Dr. Barclay, for that particular class and writing a report. (See Teaching Schedule for the designated book.)

a. A student must contact the SMTI office to purchase a book. The book remains the property of the student.
b. The extra credit book report must be included by the last section to receive credit.
c. Each book report must be submitted using the provided form.


EXAMS (150 points)

Midterm and final exams are given in each course. When taking the exam, students are not allowed to use their Bible, notes, or teaching outlines. Exams are worth 75 points each.


In the Midland video school a high priority is placed on attendance. Similarly, when taking the school online, it is important that the student listen to all the teachings in a timely manner.

a. An online student has one year to complete the course. Failure to complete the course in one year disqualifies a student from receiving a diploma.
b. A student can contact the SMTI office at any time to check on their academic status or time frame in respect to the one-year completion date.

MINISTRY OF HELPS (100 points)

Each student will be given points according to their participation in their own local church. This is determined by the pastor through the pastoral review (two reviews). Each review is worth 50 points.


A student will be graded on the following categories. There are a total of 1000 points possible.

Points Total

Homework = 25/each, 150/total (6 Assignments)
Book Reports = 20/each, 40/total (2 Book Reports)
Student Notes = 75/each, 300/total (4 Notebook Checks)
Exams = 75/each, 150/total (Midterm and Final)
Pastoral Reviews = 50/each, 100/total (2 Reviews)
Completion in One Year = 160
Ministry of Helps = 50/each, 100/total (2 Reviews)

Extra Credit = 20 (Book Report)


A = 930 – 1000
A- = 900 – 929
B+ = 870 – 899
B = 830 – 869
B- = 800 – 829
C+ = 770 – 799
C = 730 – 769
C- = 700 – 729
D+ = 670 – 699
D = 630 – 669
D- = 600 – 629